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About Chingo Bling

Hello my name is Pedro Herrera aka Chingo Bling and welcome to my site. I enjoy all types of basic things like watching bootleg movies on the inernet, reading selfhelp books, time with family, good ass tacos, traveling, fresh coffee and going to the gym even though i see 0 results.

I’m an artist, entrepreneur, and renaissance man. Im involved in all types of stuff like acting, djing, fashion, rapping, writing, etc and i don’t subscribe to the whole school of thought that you should limit yourself to one thing. That wouldn’t sit well with my A.D.D. Im not afraid to make mistakes or try new things. my whole career has been trial n’ error or as the great tamale salesman Felipe fernando Fernandez would say “cook, taste, adjust.”

My parents are from Ciudad Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas Mexico and with sacrifice from the entire family i managed to take my brown ass to college for a marketing degree from Trinity university. I passed all straight A’s, magna cum laude. Nah just kidding, i was a decent student but i believed that education begins outside of the classroom or some shit like that. So much of my time was spent doing my college radio show, slangin’ mixtapes at the flea markets on the weekends, dj’ing the hottest frat parties, and hanging out in studios on the east side and south side of San Antonio. I’m also a member of Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity, turn up. That chapter of my life is a movie within itself. But the book will be out soon, you can cop that.

I’m from Houston one of the independent music meccas of the world and i naturally had a “do it yourself” attitude. through countless mixtape releases, constant barrage of grassroots activity, and authentic interaction with fans via the web our audience grew quickly. Somehow someway through team work and a fresh unique persona i managed to get my ass on Mtv a few times. Then came the record deal offers, phone calls and meetings with people i idolized: Master P, Diddy, Lyor Cohen, Tony draper etc. It was surreal and happened very fast, all at once. And we did it independently. However, i did distribute one album through Asylum/Warner that was titled They Can’t Deport Us All. We couldn’t fight them off much longer and we gave in to the major distribution system for a bit. The title was way bigger than the album itself, but i did get to learn a lot about the business firsthand and worked with some awesome producers.

I always wanted to get into acting and i think i can become great at it. After a phone call from Khoolaid of silent Giant Ent I had the chance to be involved in the successful indie film “filly brown.” My performance as Rayborn was seen on bootleg dvds, Netflix, Amc Theatres, Redbox, Sundance etc. That helped throw my name in the latin hollywood world and the word is quickly spreading that i’m not fucking around and i’m here to compete. i’m currently taking a bunch of bad ass meetings with networks, agents etc. My attitude is that even if Hollywood doesn’t see my value and potential and i don’t get cast in the good roles, then we’ll write and hire writers and crew etc and start putting out quality indie films that cater to our AUDIENCE. The Mexican American audience is growing and is untapped. It’s crazy that this same audience that every one wants to target but can’t figure out, are the same folks that support me and put me where i stand. In fact we have just launched our indie film company, Aguila films. We have a bad ass audience and thats where our power lies.

My audience empowers me and nothing is off limits to me… author, director, stand-up comedian, dj, clothing designer, astronaut.