Tom Dustin


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About Tom Dustin

Tom Dustin was born the son of an alcoholic used car salesman and a blind saint; Stand-up comedy was inevitable . He got his start in late 2001 and immediately decided what he wanted to do with his life: Tell jokes to drunk people for money. In his first year doing stand-up, he won the Sam Adams Comedy Contest, beating out more than 50 comics and proving that most other comedians suck. He has worked with comedy greats Steven Wright, Jim Norton, Dave Attell, Doug Stanhope, Bobby Collins, and the cast of "Whose Line is it Anyway?" Tom’s material is smart and original. Onstage, his unmatched likeability allows him to push the limits of comedy without fear. Offstage, he’s a mean, self-hating manic-depressive who prides himself on his ability to make girls cry. The Boston Globe called Tom young, fresh and funny, which is all true. But, when another local entertainment reporter wrote: "Dustin is dry, vulgar and hilarious", Tom stabbed him in the chest 37 times and was covered in blood while screaming "Am I dry now?!" (The reporter survived and became Toms best friend).