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About The Christi Show

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Christianee Porter, also known as The Christi Show, is an actress, writer, singer, and comedian from Little Rock, Arkansas who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Born into a family of entertainers, it was no surprise that she was blessed with the ability to entertain others. By the age of eight, she was writing, singing, and performing in front of anyone who was willing to listen. She made her siblings background vocalists, camera people, and anything else she required to put on a great show. Always known for her class clown antics, it became apparent to all who watched her lead role performance in A Raisin in the Sun that she was born to entertain.

In 2005, Christianee decided to pursue her dreams of music and moved to Atlanta. Once she arrived, she was greeted with the harsh reality of the industry and decided to pursue a “normal” life instead. She enrolled in school, and became a waitress. After a couple years of waiting tables, she became a preschool teacher. And after teaching, Christianee became a nanny. Although she eventually became disenchanted with the idea of singing professionally, she could not stay away from the stage entirely. While nannying, she started doing stand-up comedy. During this time, Christianee worked on perfecting her craft by taking improv classes, and took the stage whenever it was made available to her. In January 2016, she started creating videos that displayed both her passion for acting and comedy, and in July 2016, those videos began to go viral.

Christianee has always dreamed of sharing her gifts with the world, yet she credits the day she decided to sell out to God as the day things changed in her life. She has walked through the wilderness of “will this ever happen?” and is now enjoying the fulfillment of the promises and dreams she’s had for so long. Stay tuned in to The Christi Show! You’ll be glad that you did.